It’s Time to Dig into Your Client Fulfillment.

Guess what the deadliest problem is with client fulfillment? It’s not inefficiency. It’s not bad clients. It’s not even a lack of innovation, though that is a close second.

The one mistake that can tank a client program is over correction. Theres a problem here (with one or two clients)? Lets rush in with a change to our program. That change causing problems for other clients? Let’s jump in and make another change.

Before you know it, your program is in a free fall and you’re having the worst quarter of your professional career. Because when clients fail, it is far more costly than mistakes in physical product businesses.

So let’s stop. Lean back in our chairs and take a look at the real truth about what is going on with our clients. How is this feeling to us? To our clients? What is the data saying? What do you wish you knew about your clients’ journey?

We’ll outline a few things for you to prepare, then in the next step below, we’ll ask you to send it over to us. Then we’ll review and dig in before we have our first work session together (which you can schedule right down below.)

This is the easiest, the fastest way for you to deepen your understanding of what is critical for your clients success (it is probably different from what you think), what is not working for your clients, and where you are losing them to the dark side of competitors or apathy.

Here is what we need from you:

  • Basic program information. Pricing, length, etc.
  • Lagging client success indicators. ROI/successful results, refunds.
  • Retention & up-sell data. How clients can keep working with you and your LCV.
  • Very Important: Don’t spend more than 30 minutes gathering data and filling out this form. If you can’t get the information easily, that is a sign that we need to help you put this data at your fingertips.

Here are a few extras that we’d love to see if you want our eyes on them:

  • A peek inside your private group (if you have one). We’ll look at this to see the general tone and the kinds of secondary support your clients need.
  • A recording (or link) for a coaching call. Please note, these are held in the strictest of confidence. We know some of you have very private conversations with clients. These are locked in our vault and destroyed as soon as our engagement together is over.
  • Some examples of emails or other correspondence with highly difficult (nightmare) clients.